One of our business pieces is Export Management Company (EMC), an independent international B2B company that acts like an (external) export department for several non-competing manufacturers and suppliers.

We help companies to development their business and discover new markets and in Europe, US and Canada, Asia and Middle East.
Whether you are a Buyer or Supplier, our passionate experts are here to help you find the best deals possible from all of the world.
The import/export business is a tough process. On any given day, you'll deal with a new challenge, Financing, market research, Rules, custom & cultural issues, border holdups, and other headaches. On top of all that, COVID-19 has introduced additional responsibilities.
Sourcing/benchmarking/manufacturing/developing products or services overseas is not a cheap endeavor. For example, doing a test run can cost you thousands of euros, also other processes such as market research, branding, registration process, change management and....
When the time comes to scale, you'll need even more capital.
Customs & Culture
In another country, people's language, market culture, customs, and shopping habits are different. The language, customs, habits and culture of the new country is a real challenge. In Germany, for example, the culture and language of northern Germany is very different from that of the south.

You can not enter the new market with the business culture of your country, you can not even manage your employees in another country in the same way (Change Management).

Overseas, people conduct business & life differently. In the West, we expect contacts to be punctual and time-efficient. In some countries, though, meeting times are often guidelines, but here it is often with a pervious appointment. Rather than a quick factory visit, 2-hour breakfast or lunches time and late-night drinking sessions are part of the process.
Foreign Policy
In your home country, rules and regulations change regularly. Now, expand that to every nation – eventually, one of your shipments will break a new/updated law. When that happens, your shipments may get held at the border. Even worse, they may get seized.
Each new country has its own rules. In some countries, in addition to the same national laws, there are also state or federal laws.
We know your and your destination country rules, culture, market, shopping habits, language and your competitors; Our colleagues can assist you in English, German, Russian and a few more, and are fully acquainted with the culture and market of your country and European countries, especially DACH countries.

We have several Worldwide Office/Partners; Europe, Middle East, Canada & North America.

EMC has a variety of services such as:
. Business consultancy and development
. Arranging agent/distributorship or company relationships such as Joint venture
. Company registration, preparing, negotiating and handling all office communication in Europe, US and Canada
. Buying or renting a business and more...

. Brand consultancy and development
. Benchmarking/Labeling /franchising
. Buying or renting a brand and more...

. Market research and analysis
. Marketing management and development
. Exhibiting and booth management at international trade shows and related events and more...

. Finance/Budget planning and more...
Start A Business
What is the missing piece in your business?

To successfully set-up or develop your business, knowing the local business culture, market research and analysis, competitors analysis, business concept, roadmap strategy, thorough planning, accurate execution... and reliable partners or joint ventures are essential. Therefore you need a German based business consultant.

Our approach is a integrated 360-degree review at all aspects of your business, including your business, brand, services, products, and market, that reaches customers at all possible points of contact.

For a better results, we suggest that you participate in our strategy session in which we understand more about you, your business and business vision; and accordingly offer you the most optimum business strategy.

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