The CEB (Market Analysis Company) determined that the consumer makes almost more than 60% of the decisions in a purchase process without contacting the seller or in advance of contacting them.
This means: Brand and reputation primarily takes place during the decision-making process, intuitively and in a captivating manner.
Brand or reputation does not sell directly, but rather helps the consumer to make a decision in the first place. So forget tradition marketing, social media and etc. leads and sales, or better yet, don't focus on these metrics and focus on decision-making asset: Distinction!

Over the last decade, technology has bought through tremendous change in the way we think and perceive brands as every minute detail is available on our fingertips with the help of mobile technology that has embraced social media and digital marketing that has made our life a lot easier but has some or other perils to it.
Initially, the brand was experienced by the customers by visiting at the store and indulging in the sales and purchase of goods and services but now with the need of an hour almost every brand is available on social media for promotions and presence in the market plus giving an option to the customers for online shopping.
Earlier the feedback on the products purchased and customer service experienced was given on one-to-one basis but now it is visible to the entire world, hence, the brands need to be more and more cautious with their every expression as it directly affects their reputation in the market and in the minds of the customers. ©marketing91

Why is Reputation Important in a Business?
Getting business success becoming more difficult every day. Understanding the challenges doesn't guarantee overcoming them.
Information is easy to obtain, sharing brand, product and service experience is easier.
Maybe the internet's constant outreach is largely to blame for this, but this challenge can be turned into an opportunity.
Your business reputation is made up of what others think and feel about your business, based on their experience with your business, what they've heard about your business, and the facts they've gathered about your business—true or not. ... Your business reputation is that readily available information.

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